My Wanted Plants

Eriospermum alcicorne
Eriospermum armianum
Eriospermum bowieanum
Eriospermum folioliferum (Lav30371)
Eriospermum ramosum
Eriospermum sabulosum

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Eriospermum cf. paradoxum

The scape of Eriospermum sp (aff.ramosum).
I think that these buds resemble the buds of E.paradoxum.

---Field Data---
Locality : South Africa

Eriospermum dregei

The mature plant of Eriospermum dregei.

 ---Field Data---
Locality : north of Grahamstown


Seeds !!

The seeds of Eriospermum flabellatum.

Unfortunately, the scapes of this species were broken by an accident.
But some seedpods made thiese seeds.
I don't know if these seeds can germinate, but I try to get the seedlings of this species.

---Field Data---
Locality : north of Laingsburg